Cyber Monday Deals in Canada – Updated

Looking for that great deal that you didn’t quite find during the Black Friday sales? Look no further. Many Canadian retailers are participating in the Cyber Monday online sales and we have found several great deals!


Here are some Cyber Monday tips courtesy of

Avoid Scams!

1) Make sure your security software is updated and activated.
2) Purchase items from a legitimate site.  Connect to shopping sites through a search engine or by actually typing in the web address.  Do not access sites through popups or links from other websites.
3) Use unique passwords and usernames that include capital letters and numbers
4) Make sure you purchase items through a secure site.  The web address should read “https://” and have a padlock next to it.
5) Use your common sense.  If the deal is too good to be true, then it is probably a scam.

Respect the Workplace

1) Purchase your items during a coffee break or over the lunch hour.
2) Do your homework!  Write down the exact web address, items you wish to purchase and promotional codes (if needed).  This will aid in a swift transaction so you can quickly get back to work.
3) If a deal is time sensitive, ask your boss if you may quickly purchase something online.  If they are reluctant, show them all the details (web address, items etc.) and ensure the process will only take a few minutes.
4) Do not tie up work computers!  If your transaction is taking a lot of time to process, close your order and try again in a few minutes.
5) Do not tie up work printers!  If possible, don’t print off your order confirmation form until you get home.
6) Ensure you are purchasing from legitimate website.  The last thing you want to do is download a virus onto your work computer.
7) Do not let online shopping distract you from your job.  If your attention is needed somewhere else, shut off your computer screen!  Remember, your job is more important than a good deal.  Plus, where are you going to get the money for a good deal if you are unemployed?

Be Prepared

1) Make sure your credit card hasn’t expired
2) Read the fine print!  Know exactly when your deals begin and end.  Be aware of all the exclusions.  Know exactly which forms of payment are acceptable.
3) Ensure your credit card isn’t “maxed out”.  You can’t buy anything if have no credit!

For more information and to stay up to date on the most current Cyber Monday sales, visit Redflagdeals.

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