HP Touchpad Flies off the Shelves!!




What may sound like an amazing success story for HP is in reality the nail in the coffin for their mobile device sales. This past weekend, all major retailers in North America (Best Buy, Future Shop, The Source, etc…) lowered their prices on all HP Touchpad models by a whopping $300 bucks to $99 for the 16 GB version, and $149 for the 32GB. This is a fire sale folks, and consider yourself lucky (I guess?) if you were able to pick one up this weekend, as they are pretty much sold out everywhere. HP has expressed that they will support the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on all TouchPad models, however they will not be making any more units. The hardware for all intents and purposes will be obsolete once your warranty is up. That said, $99 is a very low barrier-to-entry to own a great tablet.

I am a huge fan of WebOS (I feel like it is better than both Android and iOS from a usability standpoint) and at that price point I don’t mind owning a TouchPad. WebOS has a very strong developer community, and while the future of the official HP app store is uncertain, you can be sure to see other homebrew app stores popping up with potentially great TouchPad apps available for free or purchase.

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