White iPhone 4 to be released April 27th?

Posted by Donny Torrefranca

I had previously reported that the white iPhone 4 is supposed to be released sometime in the Spring, before summer comes around. This latest rumour now has a specific date.

According to the latest from MacRumors all signs are pointing to April 27th as the release day. To add further fuel to the fire, an exclusive report from Engadget indicated that the white iPhone 4 was sold to a Vodaphone Europe customer by mistake.  Rung up as a black iPhone 4 to complete the transaction, Vodaphone Co. immediately sent out a notice to halt sales of the white iPhone 4’s until next week.

However, other rumours also points to the white iPhone 4 to be implemented for T-mobile.  I could see this being a marketing move by Apple if sold exclusive to T-Mobile in the US. 

If these rumours are true, it shouldn’t be much longer before us Canadians get our chance to own a white iPhone 4.  That is if you haven’t already done a white iPhone 4 conversion from your local cell shops.

Assuming that the white iPhone 4 is simply just that, a white version. Or, will there be any difference between the two devices?  Still the question remains, would you get a white iPhone 4 or would you rather wait for the next generation iPhone 5?

White iPhone 4 - Engadget


UPDATE  – BGR has posted internal screenshots from a US Best Buy which confirm they will indeed be carrying the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 on April 27. Stay tuned for details of the availability in Canada.

White iPhone 4

Source:  BGR

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