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Last week, I was at lunch with Jamie and Donny. They pointed out the insane amount of app categories on my iPhone 4 home screen. Case and point below:


“Did you buy all of those?” asked Donny. The answer is of course not but for those I did buy, I mostly bought on sale.

The problem faced by most iOS users is the overwhelming amount of apps. How can you find the best of the rest? Sure there’s blogs and other stuff but one way I prefer to find my apps is with AppShopper.

AppShopper is a simple yet functional AppStore tracker. There are a ton of apps out there like this: Chomp, AppFree, AppMiner etc. What sets AppShopper apart? The ability to fine tune exactly what you’re looking for.

For me, I like my apps popular and on sale or free. I can easily filter this down in AppShopper with just a couple taps.


So while I don’t think my appsession will completely die off, I know I can do it as economically as possible.

Oh and for the record, at time of writing I have 245 apps in my iTunes library at approximately 10 GB in size. Glad I went with that 32 GB iPhone 4.

To try Appshopper, you can find it here.

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