Apple to announce iPad 2 on March 2 [Confirmed]

Ipad Event - March 2

The March 2 media event has been confirmed by Apple by way of an invite to the press.  Engadget reports that they have recieved their invitation and by the design, you can see it is geared to the iPad.  (one day we may get an invite)  Many questions will soon be answered.

  • will iPad 2 have a usb port? or thunderbolt port?
  • will iPad 2 have SD slot?
  • will iPad 2 have 512MB of RAM, or will they match the upcoming competition with 1GB of RAM?
  • will iPad 2 be called iPad 2?
  • when will the new iPad be available to USA? (We all know that Canada will be at least 1 month behind)

Stay tuned for some exciting news!

Source: [Engadget]

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  1. I would just like to point out the wallpaper… this was the one that was used when the iphone was elevated to retina display. I am not saying that the iPad will be getting retina but the possibility of a much higher resolurtion screen is there.

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