Samsung Takes Huge Swing at Apple with Samsung Galaxy Growing Up Campaign

In a new ad campaign entitled “Growing Up”,  Samsung depicts their version of the Apple fanboy and well, let’s just skip to the video shall we?

Samsung has released a Youtube video today to what they consider to be the last ten years of Apple and the iPhone. While they definitely have some valid points, we are sitting back waiting for the response from Apple. What does Samsung have to worry about? Well going back to the very first Galaxy not the Galaxy Tab 2, but the first Galaxy Tab that Samsung wants us to forget about..yes they released the Galaxy Tab, and then again the following year the real Galaxy Tab. Then we have the the infamous Android fragmentation, and some exploding Galaxy Note devices, just a minor problem though right?? I will give some credit to where it is due..the haircut is 100% hilarious and right on the money. We are not even going to consider holding an iPhone X or any phone with a NOTCH for that matter..

C’mon Apple, time to fire back…

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