Rogers launches Voice over LTE (voLTE) network in Canada…kinda

So Rogers has “flipped the switch” and enabled Voice over LTE across Canada today..but no one noticed. Why is that? The only device that is enabled is the new LG G3 Vigor which also launched today. Before we talk about the Vigor, lets talk about voLTE.

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is the next evolution in wireless calling. The VoLTE technology platform allows users with a compatible phone to place and receive calls over the Rogers LTE network instead of the traditional voice network. Before VoLTE, only data was transmitted over the LTE network, and voice calls were carried over the HSPA network.

You would have noticed that during a voice call on the Rogers network, once you dial the number of the recipient, the network indicator will show 3G or E. This will help for those who also notice no data at all during phone calls. If you fall into a low coverage zone while on a phone call, the phone enters back into GPRS mode and will not recover until the phone call is terminated. This has been an issue plaguing Rogers customers since the introduction of HSPA, an issue that does not happen with Bell or Telus.

Now with VoLTE, Rogers supports high-quality HD calls and allows Canadians to

  • Make and receive voice and video calls to and from other Rogers customers with VoLTE — in clear, natural-sounding audio
  • Place a call and stay at lightning fast LTE data speeds when you browse the web or watch videos
  • Connect more quickly with friends and family (you get a faster call connection time)

Rogers claims to have flipped the switch, but if that was the case, all devices that are voLTE capable would be working. It sounds like the network is in very early stages and Rogers wanted to slowly add devices to the growing infrastructure and not flood it right out of the gates. No dates have been announced for other devices getting access to the voLTE network.

Rogers also dodged the question when asked: What phones are compatible with VoLTE?

Their response: Turbocharge your calling with the new LG G3 Vigor and stay tuned, we will have more VoLTE compatible phones launching this year. 

Full list of voLTE capable devices can be found here.

Now more about the phone..If you are excited to try out voLTE, here is the phone that will get you in..

The LG G3 Vigor featuring a 5″ 1280×720 IPS display and offers 17.5 hours talk time with a 2,540 mAh battery. The device ships with Android 5.o Lollipop,  and runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GhZ Quad-Core processor. Unfortunately the device falls short with internal storage space at 8GB (3.7GB usable) but does allow for external storage via microSD.

  • New VoLTE technology:  Rogers customers will be the first in Canada to experience wireless voice and video calling technology with VoLTE that gives clear and more natural sounding voice and video calls
  • 8 MP Rear Camera with Laser Auto Focus and Tap to Shoot: In camera mode, simply tap once anywhere on the large, unobstructed viewfinder to focus the camera and take the picture
  • Better Selfies with Gesture Shutter: Taking great selfies and group photos with the 1.3 MP front-facing camera is now easier than ever. Simply raise your hand and make a fist, which initiates a three-second timer
  • Knock Code: Secure your smartphone with a code created by using a customized sequence of knocks on the display to wake and unlock the device
  • Smart Cleaning: Remove temporary files and infrequently used apps to free up space and keep your phone running fast (some pre-installed apps may not be removable)
  • Versatility and Productivity: Write, draw and schedule memos to appear based on calendar or location inputs with QuickMemo+™; overlay and adjust up to two windows on the primary screen for advanced multitasking with QSlide Function

Rogers is offering the device at $0 on a 2 year plan and although the website does not show an outright price, we were able to locate a price of $299 which is subject to change. Most likely customers will require to be in a Share Everything Plan to take advantage of the voLTE network.

For more information, visit Rogers.

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