Apple October 2013 Event : Live Blog

Today is the day Apple is supposed to announce the new hardware for Mac, MacBooks, iPads, and possible a new Apple TV hardware and a very unlikely iWatch.

1:46 PM: Apple already announce the new Macbook line up, from the Macbook Air, Macbook pro 13″ and 15″.  The biggest surprise is that its available now. The Apple website is already updated with the new Mac info.  You can check out the details here:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.51.27 PM

1:52 pm: Apple announced their “designed-by Apple” apps such as Keynote, Pages, Garageband (iWork, iLife) are now available for free for any new purchase of Mac and iOS devices.

1:56 pm: Apple introduced a new feature called “Collaboration”.  Which is essentially the integration of the above mentioned apps to iCloud.  This enables you to create\edit your documents from your Mac and iOS devices simultaneously.

1:58 pm : iPads coming up next

2:00 pm: 170 Million iPads sold

2:10 pm : Phil Schiller announce the new iPad called iPad Air, at just 1 pound.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 2.08.00 PM

2:13 pm : Available November 1st

2:15 pm : Interesting.. no TouchID capability on iPad Air.  But has A7 processor.  More details shortly.

2:16 pm : iPad Mini coming next

2:17 pm: Retina display confirmed on iPad mini

2:18 pm: Ipad Mini 2 available later in November.  No exact date specified.

2:20 pm:  Whats interesting is that there were no other announcements in terms of internal specs for iPad mini…

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