Samsung Looking for 8 Contestants to Survive SOS Island

Samsung is looking for 16 individuals to train with the legendary “Survivorman” Les Stroud where 8 contestants will be chosen to survive on SOS iSland with nothing more then a Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone. Sound exciting? We thought so too. Even more exciting one of our very own close personal friends has applied and we think he has a great chance to compete and even bring home the $100,000 prize.


The applicants are being asked to submit video auditions and once chosen sixteen lucky survivalists will be flown to the Caribbean to be trained by Les Stroud from September 30 through October 4. On October 7, eight finalists will be selected to move to SOS Island, a secret island where they will be compete in a series of survival challenges using the Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy NX Camera. Very little information has been posted but the challenges are going to be live streamed for the world to watch and through social media, viewers can interact and vote on their favourite competitor.

Now, to our favourite applicant (also the only one we know that applied), none other than Johnny Stinson of Peterborough Ontario. Johnny hopes to put Peterborough on the map again with his outdoor survival skills and passion for the wilderness.


Johnny has posted his first and second video submissions to his Youtube channel and we are excited to introduce him to our readers. He is definitely that person you want by your side on any wilderness adventures. Enjoy!



Good luck to all the applicants, we are anxiously awaiting the live streams.

You can follow Johnny on twitter via @All4Adventure , his Youtube Channel or on his personal blog.  Good luck Johnny, you have our vote!

For more information please visit the source link below for the SOS Island Facebook page.

Source: Samsung Camera

UPDATE: Looks like the contestants will find out on September 18 and Samsung has released a new commercial featuring some of the contestants, including our very own friend Johnny. You will see his jump into Burleigh Falls at the 1:00 minute mark below!


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