Hockey Technology 2018 Round Up

Today we are featuring a few products we have rounded up while looking into how technology and innovation can change the game of hockey. We will take a further in depth look at some of these products individually in the coming months but for now here are a few of our favourites.


The Uhwk helmet camera delivers HD quality footage and helps you review and relive sports through the most low-profile and feather-light sports action camera ever made. There is no mounts on top of the helmet that could cause harm and in fact due to the design, almost every league has approved the use of the uhwk camera for use during regular season and playoff games. (at the discretion of the referee so ensure you ask permission even though the camera is so discreet they may not even notice)


Uhwk records in 720P or 1080P and can you can access the .mov video file easily via MicroSD memory card. Fully charged you can expect about 1.5 hours of battery life and the camera is charged via microUSB.

Visit Uhwk to pick up yours for the low price of $229.99.

Bladetech Hockey

Bladetech is a company we have been following closely since 2015 when they were still in prototype phase and we are very happy to feature these blades in our hockey roundup. They were recently featured in Plant Magazine and their blades are made right here in Canada. The blades range from $140 to $190 (maybe slightly higher for the Inferno blades) and feature a much higher quality of steel and provide a technology called flex-force which eases wear and tear on a player’s’ joints including knees and hips. This technology makes your stride more efficient so you fatigue slower and can play longer. The unique blade design allows the blade to FLEX up into the holder, store vertical energy, and release it when you extend your stride.  This gives you a more powerful stride and claims to offer 5% faster stride. The good news is that these blades will fit on CCM, Bauer, and Graf skate holders.

What we do know is that there are many NHL players and referees using Bladetech blades but due to equipment contracts and sponsorships, I do not think Bladetech is able to divulge just who is using the blades but from the looks of the video posted on their youtube channel and digging through twitter, it looks like some names may include Auston Matthews, Nicklas Bäckström, Shane Doan, Ryan Pulock (any many teammates), NHL Referees Jon McIsaac and Kelly Sutherland, and as recent as last month Ron Maclean. Stay tuned for an in depth look at Bladetech in the coming months.


I heard a lot of great things about Bladetech from fellow refs and linesman. I have now had the chance to try them – The blades are unbelievable! For sure the best thing I have ever used on my feet” – Jon McIsaac (NHL Referee)





Standard Burner Flexforce Stainless Steel Blade – $139.99 

Afterburner Black Armour Coated Steel – $189.99 

Inferno Coated Stainless Steel Blade – (These are non stock and for team orders with a few pair minimum)

We will be reviewing Bladetech in depth in a future article so stay tuned if you are deciding which blades are right for you or your player. Bladetech can also add any logo/name/number engraving to the blade if you wanted to do something custom.

For More information visit Bladetech.


This product by Sparx Hockey has really peaked our interest. With a multi skating home, skate sharpening can not only be expensive, but such a time consuming process. Saturday morning 1 hour skates end up taking nearly 2 hours some weeks and the mad rush to the counter to get ahead of the queue gets old fast. The Sparx skate sharpener promises a pro sharpen from the comfort of your own home. Not to mention, going to that one pro shop that is open and taking a chance on getting a good sharpen. Never have a bad game because of dull skates again.

If you require a non standard sharpen Sparx Grinding Rings come in 12 different Radius of Hollow (including Flat Bottom) sizes and can easily be interchanged so you can always control your edge. Skates are sharpened in a completely closed area and steel dust is collected and contained in an easy to replace particulate filter and dust tray.

The Sparx sharpener is priced at $1129 CDN and if you want to pick one up now to sharpen those new Bladetech blades, you can save $25 by using this link.


SuperDeker started as a Kickstarter last summer and we failed to pick up on just how big this was going to get. The Superdeker is the hottest training aid on the market currently. If you are looking for you or your children to improve stick handling, develop fast and accurate passing, and boost your players confidence, you better get in the queue to pick one of these bad boys up fast. There is a 6 week delay at the moment due to popular demand. Want to know more about Superdeker, check out TheNasher61 youtube video demonstration on trying to set the superDeker world record. When this video was made, Pavel Barber held the high score but since then, you will see the leaderboard has much higher scores now.

You can order the SuperDeker through this link.

If you would like to see your hockey product featured in our next roundup, let us know!

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