The Tragically Hip Music Sales Jump 1,000%

Fans of The Tragically Hip have been mourning the loss of Gord Downie this past week and digital streams and music sales have spiked more than 1000%. Eleven albums by the famous Canadian band climbed onto the Billboard Canadian Albums chart and Gord Downie’s album Secret Path also re-entered the charts.

The most popular album was The Hip’s greatest hits compilation Yer Favourites, which rose to #2 from #182 the previous week and included other albums such as 1992’s Fully Completely and 1998’s Phantom Power. 

On-demand streams jumped from 1.1 million to 9.7 million from services such as Spotify and Apple Music, while many of the Hip’s most popular songs are in the Canada Viral 50 playlist for the current week including Wheat Kings, Bobcaygeon, Long Time Running, and Fiddler’s Green.

I could stop right there but I am going to keep going because there are way too many songs that deserve mention. Other songs include New Orleans is Sinking, Ahead By A Century, It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken’, Courage, 38 Years Old, Nautical Disaster, and Grace Too. Also in the Viral 50 are songs by Gord Downie such as The Only Place To Be, Chancellor, The East Wind, and The Stranger. (15 of the top 50)

Let us know your favourite Hip song in the comments if you can narrow it down.

If you are interested in Gord Downie’s final album you can pre-order from Amazon now. The album Introduce Yerself is launching this Friday or if you want the Double LP, it is expected on December 1.

House of Strombo has some amazing cover songs so be sure to check out George’s channel for lots of amazing music but for now here is Blue Rodeo covering Bobcaygeon.

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