Microsoft to unveil Next Gen Xbox NOW

2013-04-24 15_08_32-Xbox, A New Generation Revealed - Xbox

In just minutes, Microsoft will be unveiling the next gen Xbox dubbed Xbox 720 and this time you can follow along on your Xbox, via the web, and also on TV via SpikeTV. You will not want to miss this event! You can catch it via almost any device and will be streamed globally via and broadcast on Spike TV for Canadians. (Luckily Spike TV will still be a part of the Rogers VIP until May 24, and then they start charging extra for it!!)

Hopefully we get a good taste of what to expect with the new Xbox at the event but if not, fear not! E3 2013, The largest video game conference will begin on June 11 being held in Los Angeles and we expect to see a full lineup of blockbuster games. (most excited for Watch Dogs!)

We do not know much about the new Xbox, not even the name, although the Xbox 720 name has been flying around for years. We do not speculate on rumors so no point talking about what it may have until it is announced officially.

The new Xbox will be available for Holidays 2013 and specs and price to follow soon. Stay tuned here for all the latest in Xbox news.

Watch this event live here right now! You can follow along via twitter with the hashtag #XboxReveal


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