Unlimited Race Pass at Grand Prix Kartways

If you act quick, you can snag an unlimited race pass at Grand Prix Kartways indoor electric go kart track now for $29! This is normally priced at $62. And these are not your every day go-kart. The go karts have been engineered by Ferrari and speed limited to 35km/h. As these are electric you do not have the good ole smell of gasoline in your face as you approach your friends to overtake them.

Grand Prix Kartways is located at 75 Car Hall Road (Downsview Park) in Toronto Ontario.

To purchase an unlimited race pass for $29, click here. The deal expires on Friday so grab your race pass now!

With the Toronto Honda Indy fast approaching, this is a great way to get your race face on. We have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing this track but we have been out in electric go karts in the past. If you make it to the speedway, please share your experience with us and we will post a few images! Enjoy!

Source:  Teambuy

UPDATE:  This deal is being offered again so if you did not get a chance to take advantage then, now is your chance! Click here.

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