GM set to close Impala and Equinox Plant in Oshawa


According to, General Motors is set to announce the closure of the Impala and Equinox assembly plant Friday. The closure will affect nearly 2000 jobs and will likely close in May of 2013 as a full 12 months notice is required in an agreement with GM and local 222 of the Canadian Auto Workers union.

Chris Buckley, president of local 222 told, “It’s extremely discomforting. If they put a product on the table, we’ll roll up our sleeves. GM has said it has ‘no plans and our plan is to close it.’ This is bad news.”

There are 4,000 employees at the Oshawa plant and 2,000 work on the consolidated line, he said. “Not to mention the spin-off jobs.”

For each assembly line job, there are about nine spin-off jobs, he added. “It will be absolutely devastating to the City of Oshawa.”

Impala production recently moved to the Detroit plant, with the new Impala coming next year to be built alongside the Cadillac XTS at Oshawa’s flex line, which employs 2,000 workers to currently build Camaro and Camaro convertible, and the Buick Regal.

The union plans on holding a press conference tomorrow after an 11AM EST meeting at Local 222 Hall in Oshawa.

Source: Peterborough Examiner via

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