These Lads from Ennismore Built the Ultimate Man Hut for SuperBowl 48

Many men put a lot of time and effort into building the ultimate man cave every year for Superbowl Sunday and they have all just been outdone this year. Lee Gynane, Jay and Ben Mark, Shawn Gallant, Aaron Davis, Tyler Sabatino and Greg Young decided to take the man cave out to the ice on Chemong Lake and build their own ice fishing hut fully equipped with a Bell ExpressVu satellite system, Plasma HD television, and full Bose surround sound system.




According to PTBOCanada,  it looks like they even took it a step further and included granite counters, a fully (beer) stocked bar, and even a woodstove to keep warm. Oh and lets not forget the fishing hole. Take a look at the source link for more photos and if you think you have outdone these guys, send us your pics.

Source: PtboCanada

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