New App for BlackBerry 10 Leaked Ahead of Launch [humor]


A new app has surfaced just days before the anticipated launch of BB10 which takes place in just two days, and all compliments to Rick Mercer himself. A leak that Research in Motion would clearly be glad about.


The app titled ‘Reversal of Fortune’ takes a look at the crashing Apple shares in comparison to the rising RIM shares. With such features as  SmugWipe,  that lets you watch a smirk dissapear from an iPhone owners face,  a Waterloo streetview that lets you watch Apple developers moving back from California, this app is sure to be a hit.  


We have reached out to Apple for comment but they appear to too busy deciding how thin and light the iPhone5S will be. RIM also declined to comment but there seemed to be a lot of giggling going on in the background.

In September 2011, Rick Mercer featured BlackBerry but in a much different light.


All jokes aside, RIM will be launching BB10 on Wednesday January 30 and we will be there covering the event. And now back to the jokes… if you are not familiar with Rick Mercer, here is one of the best sketches yet… the BlackBerry helmet.


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