Nike+ FuelBand Makes It’s Official Debute in Canada

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Today, Nike debuted it’s Nike+ FuelBand to the Canadian market and we’re the first ones here at the official launch. The energy levels here at Toronto’s Glass Factory is through the roof and attendees are buzzing about Nike’s latest and greatest product. All the VIP’s were fitted with their own Nike+ FuelBand upon arrival and walked through the process of setting it up. Athletic gear and footwear were also supplied, and we are currently waiting for the keynote to begin, which will be given by NIKE, Inc. Experience Director of Digital Sport, Ricky Engelberg. Activities have been scheduled for everyone to participate in and see how the Nike+ FuelBand works.


My FuelBand getting set up

Once we got fitted and set up for the event, we were guided into the main display area where we gathered to take pictures and get ready for the keynote to begin. Nike sure knows how to put on an event. The venue was perfect and the layout inside was excellent. As we waited for the event to begin – you could feel the anticipation in the room. VIP’s, the media and athletes began networking and exchanging Nike+ profiles to compare NikeFuel points and attain bragging rights.



1:10pm: Matte Babel kicks off the event.

The keynote is about to begin…



1:28pm: Ricky Engelberg takes the stage.



“NikeFuel is not just a device on your wrist. It’s an incredibly motivating product…The Nike+ FuelBand is a way for Nike to further evolve the exciting possibilities of merging the physical and digital worlds,” said Engelberg. “Nike has always been about inspiring athletes, and the Nike+ FuelBand will help motivate them in a simple, fun and intuitive way.”

The Nike+ Fuelband is water resistant and comes with a built-in USB connector and syncs to your Mobile device and computer wirelessly. You can track steps, calories and all your movement by an integrated accelerometer. You can also view your progress online or on your mobile phone throughout the day. The ergonomic, user-friendly Nike+ FuelBand has four main areas of activity that it tracks: Time, Calories, Steps and NikeFuel. I’ve always been a bit confused about how Nike Fuel is calculated or if it equates for the amount of calories burned. Today, I found out what Nike Fuel was all about first hand. Unlike calorie counts, which vary based on someone’s gender and body type, NikeFuel is a static score that calculates equal points for the same activity regardless of fitness level, gender and body type.

Using the NIke+ FuelBand is easy. All you have to do is set a daily goal of how active you want to be, and how much NikeFuel you want to earn. The Nike+ FuelBand displays a series of 20 LED lights that go from red-to-green as you get closer to your goal.


1:45pm: Steven Stamkos talks about the Nike+ FuelBand.


Steven Stamkos was at the days events – among some other high-profile athletes at the Nike+ FuelBand launch and had this to say about Nike’s new product: “What’s great about the idea of NikeFuel and the FuelBand is the way it provides real information and numbers to show how much people are doing all day, every day. That’s what will get people challenging themselves to do more and better their own scores. It’s a tool to get people more active.”


1:55pm: Nike+ FuelBand Introduction.



The FuelBand syncs with the Nike+ website through a built-in USB, or wirelessly through Bluetooth to a free Nike+ Fuel iPhone app, that records activity and tracks progress every day. The app interface also provides encouragement and motivation in the form of goals and various milestone achievements.

2:15pm: “The Fuel Team” Make their appearance.

Some of Canada’s top athletes came out to support the event and each athlete became the leader of a team that was made up of the guests and media that were invited. The goal was to compete in a series of training obsticles and see which team could gain the most Nike Fuel. The winning team would win $10,000 that would go towards Sick Kids charity.


P.K. Subban, Steven Stamkos, Tessa Bonhomme, Phylicia George and Priscilla Lopes-Schliep.


2:25pm: Lets see if our team can reach a goal of  $10,000 Nike Fuel Points. @goPriscilla #tesmpls


3:00pm: We came in third but our team did great and we all had fun… that’s what counts.

After we all got in to our groups, we went through four obstacles to test out the FuelBand and put it to work. I never knew how intense jumping hurdles, weaving through scaffolding and scaling 10ft walls could be but today I found out. I was a proud teammate on #teampls and my team members were all excited to take part in the events and help win the $10,000 prize that would be donated to Sick Kids Hospital. I got to meet Priscilla Schliep, who is an incredicble athlete and person. (follow her on twitter at @goPriscilla)


Priscilla Lopes-Schliep


3:30pm: Conclusion.

I’ve been a member on Nike+ and an avid runner – in part because of the system and products that Nike has created over the past six years. I’ve had the iPod Nano with Nike+ sensor, the SportsBand and now, I use my Nike+ GPS app on a daily basis. All of these products and apps have motivated me to get back into an active lifestyle and with this new Nike+ FuelBand, I think a lot more people will become motivated to get moving and stay healthy. The Nike+ FuelBand is not only a good motivational tool but it’s fun to use, looks cool and fits great. After spending the day with my new Nike+ FuelBand, I have to say, that I like everything about it and I think any one who decides to purchase one on October 31st will not be disappointed .


9:00pm: I achieved my Nike Fuel Goal.



Nike+ FuelBand Info:

The Nike+ Fuelband will be available starting October 31st at Nike Toronto and at Apple stores across the country and has a suggested retail price of $149 (CDN).

To use Nike+ FuelBand, the following is needed hardware and software are needed:

  • A Mac (10.4 or later) or PC (Windows 7 or Windows Vista (SP2) or Windows XP (SP2) with a USB connection.
  • Internet access. Broadband is recommended.
  • Optional NikeFuel mobile app available in the iTunes App store; for updates on compatible mobile devices, visit


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