GoPro unveils Smaller Lighter HD Hero 3 Line


In just over an hour, GoPro will be launching the pre-order page for the newest product in their line of HD cameras. GoPro claims the new Hero 3 line is 30% smaller and 25% lighter then the previous Hero HD2.

The Hero 3 will be available in 3 models:

White Edition: $199

Silver Edition: $299

Black Edition: $399

The Black Edition has a pretty sick feature, and that is the ability to shoot 4K video, however at a compromise of a lower frame of 15fps. The Black Edition also shoots in 1440p, 1080p and 720p if you need faster capture with frame rates between 48fps and 120fps. The new camera can also shoot 12MP stills at 30fps, and in comparison with the Hero 2 perform better in low light situations. The Black Edition also comes WiFi enabled, so you can stream the footage live.

Hero 3

After watching Felix Baumgartner jump from space, GoPro is sure to pick up a large volume of sales in this less expensive line. If you would like to order yours, head over to and pre-order yours today!

Source: GoPro and GoPro Facebook

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