One Car Too Far Premieres August 19 on Discovery Channel

One Car Too Far

Got plans for tomorrow night? Cancel them! Discovery Channel brings us a new show premiering Sunday August 19, and you do not want to miss this!

It’s all about the drive to survive.  What happens when you ‘MacGyver-ize’ a car?  In ONE CAR TOO FAR former British Special Forces operative and an American car junkie are dropped into incredible landscapes and forced to work together to survive and ultimately escape to safety. The twist – they will have to take a small red car with them. It’s the perfect combination as one knows how to drive and the other knows how to survive. With no proper roads and no real supplies, the two must rely on instinct and expertise alone to make it out. From the treacherous slopes and near-freezing temperatures of a mountain top, to the wet, dense vegetation of the rainforest, they use whatever supplies they can find to turn a regular car into an all-purpose vehicle to get them over, under and through just about any obstacle in their way


Enough said? Well just in case you didnt watch the trailer, former British Special Forces soldier Gary Humphrey and Southern California-based car fanatic and problem solver Bill Wu are forced with a task of escaping the mountains of Chile within 3 days. A helicopter has lifted a modified Jeep Wrangler and the pair must find it and make their way down.

This all new five part series begins tomorrow on the Discovery Channel at 9PM ET. Tek Tok Canada is especially excited for this series as it comes at a perfect time. We are launching a new website in September themed specifically for Jeep enthusiasts. We are working with many partners and cant wait to show you what we have been up to! Stay tuned for our review of the 2012 Jeep Wrangler as well as some tips and tricks.

 UPDATE #1 : Looks like Discovery is only broadcasting this to the US! What a joke! Send your complaints to Discovery! Luckily I have access to US programming but apologies to the rest of Canada trying to watch this on Rogers and Bell seeing nothing but repeats of Nerve Center and Mythbusters all night!

UPDATE #2: Well we have officially heard from Discovery Canada and they have confirmed One Car Too Far is not in the Canadian lineup now or in the near future but to stay tuned! Well, Too Little Too Late! If you have a US Proxy, watching the show is not an issue which is what we had to do but we are SUPER SUPER not impressed! Once again, Canada gets left out with no explanation. If anyone wonders why people are illegally downloading shows via torrent and newsgroup sites, there is an easy explanation! Get it right!



Five Part Series Marks the First Discovery Networks International Originated Co-Produced Series with Discovery Channel

Meet survival’s odd couple and strap in for a rescue mission like no other with ONE CAR TOO FAR, premiering SUNDAY, August 19th at 9PM ET/PT. The all-new five part series, the first Discovery Networks International originated co-produced series with Discovery Channel, follows former British Special Forces soldier Gary Humphrey and Southern California-based car fanatic and problem solver Bill Wu as they enter remote locations in Chile and work together to recover a four wheel drive vehicle that has been flown in and dropped into locations where no car has gone before. They’re given a tracker to find the car, and once they do, the adventure begins.

Embeddable Clip here:

Over the course of three days, Gary and Bill employ unusual survival techniques and quirky mechanical tricks to achieve their main objective: return the car to civilization! Each episode of ONE CAR TOO FAR features a different climate in Chile, a country that hosts at least seven major climatic subtypes, including desert, alpine tundra, humid subtropical, oceanic, and Mediterranean. While the climates change in each episode, the one constant is the vehicle they must return to safety – a red all terrain jeep.

Teamwork is crucial as Bill’s abilities to work with and maneuver the car through plethora environments are coupled with Gary’s survival skills acquired after 17 years serving in the Royal Marines and the Special Forces. Together they transform the car into an all-purpose vehicle to get them over, under, around, and through just about any obstacle on the road back to safety. In addition to rescuing the car, Bill and Gary must also survive in harsh climates, and they use a range of techniques to do so, including taking ordinary parts from the car to create hunting weapons. With no real supplies, instinct and expertise take the front seat each week. ONE CAR TOO FAR ends each week with a spectacular do-or-die car challenge that requires conspicuous survival skills and supreme mechanical talent.

Throughout his time in the armed forces, Gary Humphrey honed his survival skills in every imaginable environment – from the Arctic, to jungles, to the desert. Bill Wu is a life-long car fanatic and has a penchant for car collecting and racing; his high-octane lifestyle suits his extremely high energy, upbeat personality. Bill prides himself on thinking far outside the box when it comes to solving even the most outrageous and complex mechanical problems.

ONE CAR TOO FAR is produced with Discovery Channel by Discovery Networks International with David Pritikin serving as Executive Producer for Discovery Channel. Sarah T. Davies is Executive Producer for Discovery Networks International, with Sarah Swingler and Sanjay Singhal executive producing for Dragonfly.


Source: Autotok Canada

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  1. I love how the perfectly cut to length, de-limbed logs just happened to be where they were crossing that small stream. I like the concept, but little things like that kill it for me, especially with 20+ years of off road experience. I’ll still watch, mainly due to being the owner of 3 Jeeps.

  2. Ya I noticed a few things as well. I think Discovery is on to something with this type of show. There is a huge following if they do it right. I am most upset that this is not shown in Canada. Why Discovery Why?!?

  3. These shows to some degree are staged. Still an interesting premise for a reality TV show. I like how they water proofed the vehicle. I always like these shows if I get something out of them.

  4. I am amazed that crap like this makes it on the air.
    Dredging the bottom of the barrel.

  5. Cool haaa….

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