netTALK Duo and netTALK smartphone APP Reviewed – Giveaway

nettalk Duo

netTALK is powering its’ way into Canada with several services. First we will talk about the netTALK Duo and how it works. Then we will discuss the netTALK iOS application and how to get it. Then we will give away one netTALK Duo with 1 full year of service included! To enter the giveaway it is so simple. Read below for full details.

Ok so what is this netTALK device you are hearing about? It is a VOIP service available in Canada. For just $59.95 for the first year you can talk to your relatives in Canada and USA for unlimited airtime via your high speed internet connection. Each additional year is just $39.95 or $3.30 per month.

The DUO is netTALK’s 2nd generation VoIP device. The DUO carries on the impressive capability of being the only device in the world flexible enough to connect directly to your router’s internet connection or through your computer. All you need to do is connect the netTALK Duo to your router/modem or also to a Windows PC. Unfortunately we found Mac OSX is not yet supported.

So we received our review unit and found the activation process very simple, as well as the connection process. During the activation you are required to choose a Canadian number from a local area code close to you. Not all area codes are available to take a look at the availability before purchasing. This also appears to be the weakest link in the product. You are not yet able to port your existing home phone number in Canada so do not go cancelling your home phone service just yet. Just last month this feature was announced for netTALK USA so perhaps they are close to providing the service to Canadians. And I know there are millions of Canadians just waiting to cancel their home phone.

Once the netTALK is connected to your router or pc, and you have chosen your local phone number, you will need to connect a phone to the back of the netTALK Duo via standard RJ45 cable, or if you have connected to your Windows pc, you can install the USB drivers and use your computer for making calls.

For more information or to sign up, visit

For our review we used the Gigaset C610A and L410 handset devices which will be reviewed soon separately.

nettalk DUO
This shows the netTALK Duo phone and ethernet ports.
netTALK Duo
This shows the standard USB Port and the power output for the netTALK Duo.
This is the Gigaset C610A and the L410
Gigaset C610A and L410

netTALK has a free iPod/iPad/iPhone application which can be downloaded from the Canadian iTunes appstore. Now keep in mind, this is a separate service that netTALK provides. We were kind of hoping we could use the phone number we had just selected for our netTALK Duo  and be able to utilize the number from our iPhone but that is not the case. That aside, the netTAlk application is pretty slick. It allows you to make outgoing calls via your 3G/4G/LTE or Wifi network to anyone in Canada and USA. The outgoing phone number you are using is randomly assigned and appears to always be different so for those of you that have relatives screening calls, make sure you let them know. As for incoming calls, the application is not able to accept incoming calls. One great feature is the ability to record the phone call. When activated a quick disclaimer introduces to the caller that the call is being recording and proceeds to record the call with no additional interruptions. To summarize, we find the inability to use your selected number, choose your own local number, and also accept incoming calls really put this application behind others available on the market, such as the newly launched Dell Voice. The Dell Voice iOS application allows number porting for just $25, and also allows incoming/outgoing calls at a local number you can choose. This application is also on the iTunes appStore for free so be sure to try out both.

netTALK also allows for recording.

To summarize the netTALK Duo, the price is right and the service quality was great. The main benefit to this product over others is the fact no computer is required as this plugs directly into the router. The one thing that stands out is the inability to port your local phone number to the device. Other competing products allow number porting for a low cost of $25 per month.

And as well, with the netTALK iOS application, there is no real comparison to the Dell Voice application recently launched to Canadians.



Ok, so as promised, we are giving away a netTALK Duo with one full year of service for unlimited calls to Canada and USA courtesy of netTALK. How to enter? The answer is simple.

1) Follow us on twitter and simply tweet why you deserve to win. Your tweet to @tektokca must contain #tektok hashtag and also @netTALK to be eligible. The contest will run until March 23, 2012 and is open to all residents of Canada. For an extra chance, be sure to comment below. If there is enough participation we will convince netTALK to send out another netTALK Duo so be sure to tell all your friends. Tweet Away and Good Luck!

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  1. My wife does not like the idea of nettalk so this could be my chance to try it out

  2. Thanks Scott. What about nettalk does she not like? The idea of a VOIP solution?

  3. Now you talkin-this one is for me , I have been looking for this Nettalk company for my relatives in the USA.

  4. I am still not able to find a reliable and cheap VOIP device, I read many Net Talk Reviews and many buyers complained of their bad customer support where people reported that they waited 2 hours for someone to get back to them and they disconnect if they are not able to answer your questions

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