Brad Keselowski tweeting during Daytona 500

Talk about technology at its’ finest. Tonight during the Daytona 500, Brad Keselowski took to his smartphone and  tweeted a picture of Juan Pablo Montoya running into a jet dryer and burst into flames.

He did wait until his car was stopped before tweeting during the red flag.


He is continuing to tweet during this delay and has even informed his twitter fans his battery is reaching 28% so his tweets may stop soon. His followers have jumped to nearly 200,000 and has the entire Nascar world talking about his antics.

Brad has just informed us, the race is about to get back under way. Here is another shot taken by Kelesowski of the Nascar official:


Enjoy the final 40 laps and hopefully we see Brad tweeting during his Victory lap. You can follow Brad on his twitter account @kelesowski

Update: Juan Pablo Montoya has tweeted he is home safe after the freak accident. You can follow Juan on his twitter account @jpmontoya

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