White iPhone 4 : Carrier Availability

Posted by Donny Torrefranca

We know that Bell and Virgin Canada has confirmed that they have launched the white iPhone 4 today.  Since then I’ve been on the hunt to figure out exactly which other carriers will have them available.  I’ve since checked the Rogers website and looky here… Rogers actually has them now too. 

Perhaps Telus and Fido hasn’t updated their website yet, but at the time of posting this article, these two carriers (Telus and Fido) still has nothing but black iPhone 4s.

So to confirm, Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, Rogers Wireless have them ready for their users.

I spoke with Rogers representative and they are (for now) only available as a walk-in hardware upgrade.

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  1. Any reason why Telus hasn’t released the white iPhone 4? Haven’t been able to purchase it at Best Buy, Futureshop or even the Telus stores in Edmonton. Lots of stock for Bell and Rogers tho.

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