Lenovo LePad: 7-inch Android tablet coming later this year

Posted by Jamie Forestell

Lenovo LePad

Lenovo appears to have an Android based 7″ tablet on the way which we can expect in Q4 of this year called the Le Pad. The leaked powerpoint does not offer much in terms of details, but what it does show is that the 7″ tablet will feature a Dual Core ARM processor and ship with a custom Honeycomb OS. The resolution at 1280×800 LCD would really one up the recent Blackberry Playbook which is 1024×600.

Also expected later in the year is the Lenovo Think Slate also featured in the above image.

If I can add my two cents, what this roadmap is missing…is a 10″ tablet. I understand the need for companies to offer a 7″ tablet, but if you are listening to the consumer, you would know that the 10″ form factor is a winner. Moving forward a tablet needs to be offered in both sizes to please everyone.  I can understand the portability factor, but once you actually sit down to use the device, the missing real estate is obvious especially when browsing the web and you are in an endless scroll battle to read the entirety of the screen. 

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