Kodak ESP 6150 All in One Printer – Giveaway

Posted by Jamie Forestell

Kodak 6150

Today we wish to share with you details about the Kodak 6150 AIO colour printer.  First to peak your interest, we are giving a 6150 AIO printer away at the end of this article, courtesy of Kodak! Do I have your attention?  Look for the hidden password in our article and simply comment with the password for your chance to win this great printer!

Ok, back to the Kodak 6150 AIO printer. This year with the popularity of smartphones and camera enabled tablets, wireless printing has exploded. Kodak was prepared and offers the ESP 6150 Wireless All in One printer. Something to remember when purchasing a printer, is not only the price of the printer but also the cost of the replacement ink. In recent years, some printers were selling as low as $9.99 or even free, but when it came time to replace that ink cartridge, in some cases you would need to fork out almost $70.  With the Kodak 6150, ink replacement is simple and affordable.

Kodak 6150

The Kodak 6150 offers the lowest total ink replacement cost in the industry at just $9.99 MSRP for a replacement black ink, and $19.99 MSRP for the color ink cartridge.  Doing a quick check (password is Thanks) at the local Futureshop I was able to find the black ink for $10.99 and the color ink for $17.99 keeping within the MSRP pricing.

With the AIO 6150, you are able to print up to 32 pages per minute and copy up to 27 pages per minute. And the Wi Fi features, allows for simple integration into your home network. If you would like to print from your iPhone, you are also in luck. The AIO 6150 is a supported printer. For full details, you can visit kodak.ca.


We will be selecting a random comment with the correct password on May 10, 2011.  Good luck and forward to as many of your friends as possible. Stay tuned for more great giveaways!

Open to all Canadian residents over the age of 18 (Excluding Quebec).

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  1. Over the years, whenever I have been looking to purchase a new printer, I have always checked not only the cost of the print cartridges, but their capacity as well, so that I know the cost per page – which varies significantly from printer to printer.

    Great information in this article! Thanks!

  2. This product is amazing. So perfect and seems easy to use. The low ink refill sells it for me. Affordable and good quality and I love that I can use this with my IPhone. Thanks : )

  3. Great giveaway! This is a lovely printer. Thanks.

  4. It sounds good. With all the different printers out there, this review is very helpful. THANKS !

  5. Those are amazing ink prices! I’ve always had HP printers and the cost of ink is ridiculous.


  6. Wow that is a great sounding printer. I have ran into ridiculously over priced cartridges in the past which usually leads to just buying a new printer. It’s a terrible system, glad to see someone is willing to change the system.

    Appreciate the heads up guys.

  7. I am looking forward to trying out your 6250 in an wireless mode to scan in over a thousand family photos Thanks

  8. I am looking forward to using the 6150 in the easy to locate wireless mode to scan in over a thousand family pictures-Thanks

  9. This looks great, thanks!

  10. This printer would be amazing for any home business out there. Thanks!


  12. I really like the look and functionality of this printer. With the affordability of the ink, this looks like a great product. Thanks for the terrific giveaway!

  13. Francois Monette

    I just bought one for my father and it works wonders. Would love to have one as well. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  14. Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  15. Great review as always. Thanks.

  16. Anne-Marie Tvete


  17. Sweet printer…Thanks

  18. Nice printer!

  19. Like this printer

  20. Nice to see a company like Kodak look at the big picture when it comes to printing. I can’t tell you how many of those “Disposable” printers I have in my basement or have given away. I buy them for 35-100$ only to realize that the replacement inks cost 3X the printer price. Kodak gets it. Make a good product then make the ink affordable- I keep buying the ink,they make money and I don’t feel cheated……
    thats a Good Deal!

  21. Good to se the price of the ink. It’s the one thing that really adds up when trying to calculate the cost of printing and it is something I always check when costing out a printer. there are lots of cheap printers out there thatr cost a small fortune in ink

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