iPad 2 problems being reported already

If you drove to the USA and waited in a long lineup to get your iPad 2, you would expect that there would be no problems. Apple, who is known to have such good quality control seems to be slipping. Well it seems there are 1600 people (at the time of this article) reporting screen bleeding and quite a few other problems, all of which appear to be related to the screen.

Engadget started a poll yesterday and a majority of these people have indicated backlight bleeding problems with their iPad 2 devices. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the drive to the USA to get the latest and greatest is worth it. Unless of course you can test the device with the Apple reps at the counter before leaving the store. There is a great chance even if you did try and head back to get your replacement, they would not have any stock yet.

A member of Mac-Forums by the name of Wicked x Josh reported his iPad 2 is completely dead. You can see images he posted below:

iPad 2 Screen
Image Credit: Mac-Forums

You can see what appears to be a launched application but with many vertical lines in the way, rendering the device useless.

iPad 2 Screen
Image Credit: Mac-Forums

If the Engadget poll is true, this could be one of the worst product launches since the iPhone 4 death grip. Apple has yet to respond but if you still have your original iPad, I would hang on to it a while longer. If anything the value of the iPad 1 has just increased until we hear how Apple plans to handle all of the faulty devices.

If you are having issues, please send us your images/stories/videos to ipad2@tektok.ca.


Source: Engadget & Mac-Forums

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  1. When I displayed a pure black image on my current iPad in a darkened room, the backlight bled through too. Some of this might be the nature of LCD screens. I did not have brighter and darker areas though, it was quite even.
    For me, the big question is whether it is at all noticeable in normal day to day use on the new iPad2.
    My HD tv also shows some backlight in a darkened room and it is a new LED version.

  2. I also have the yellow bleeding screen problem,,,,,,, Also when I use facetime my camera freezes and,, stays frozen until a full restore is done. Does anybody else have this problem with facetime?,,,,,, Stood in line four hours,,,, to end up taking it back the next day. Now I am without an ipad until who know’s when,,,none available anywhere. Thanks for making such a solid Apple product????????????

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