Apple annouces the iPad 2 coming to Canada March 25


iPad 2

Ok, well we were sort of right. We predicted an appearance from Steve Jobs via facetime. Even better, he was on hand to deliver the news. So here are the specs…

iPad 2 – Available to USA on March 11, and to Canada on March 25.

  • Features Dual-core A5 chip
  • Superfast graphics (9x faster)
  • Same 10hr Battery (this is great considering the dual core chip)
  • Two Cameras
  • 33.3% Thinner
  • ships with iOS 4.3
  • Gryoscope
  • HDMI 1080P out via Apple dongle. (doh, at least we have Airplay)

Apple has announced a new iMovie app available for the iPad now. As well Photobooth has been extended to iOS devices with the ability to use touch for manipulation of the photos.

All in all, this is exactly what was expected. We are still not sure of the memory (RAM) available in the new iPad 2, and I think quite a few people were hoping for a thunderbolt port for tv out, but we will settle with the dongle for now…Or will we? Many tablets to choose from.  Stay tuned for more details! Comments? Surprised? Which tablet will you be picking up?

To view the entire keynote, Apple has posted the video here. Or you can watch Conan’s take on the iPad 2 below.

If that didnt make you laugh, this should. The Banned iPad 2 Promo. (Fake of course)


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  1. So lets see….

    -still no resident USB port
    -No memory card read (SD) for my digital camera
    -HDMI but only after paying for the $40 propriety cable
    -still no FLASH support

    I can hardly wait !!!!

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