Amazon Cloud Drive brings media “To The Clouds” in Canada

Posted by Donny Torrefranca

On Tuesday March 29th, Amazon released their ‘Cloud Drive’ service to the general public. To those of you that aren’t familiar with this technology, in a nutshell, it is a web-based virtual hard drive enabling you to store your media files and documents. And since it is web-based, you are able to access these files wherever you have internet access.

This is an excellent alternative for those who have MP3 libraries or even videos that are overflowing from their personal computer’s storage device.  Another perk is that you will no longer need to worry about losing data should your computer crash or get infected. They are all safely stored in Amazon’s secure hard drive. This is also beneficial to those who aren’t able to overload their mobile units with mp3s or video files especially if you have a small storage built in.  Let’s face it, nowadays 16GB of data storage just isn’t enough.  Signing up automatically gets you 5GB of storage for free.

Amazon has it’s own app available for MP3 uploading which you can use with your Mac or Windows machine. Once you download and launch this application on your computer, it will automatically scan your hard drive for media files that you can use to upload to the Cloud Drive.  Once complete, you can either choose to upload all, or select specific files to be uploaded.  Should you opt to not load all these files, you can sort them in a number of ways (such as artist, albums, genre) so you can easily pick and choose the ones you want to upload.

Once you’ve uploaded to the Cloud drive, accessing these files is a breeze. From your computer, you can use Amazon’s web-based music player. If you have an Android device, you can download the Amazon App from the Android Market and access your files through there.  For iOS owners, sorry you’re not supported (yet?).

And if you’re interested in using this new service from Amazon, below is the pricing as listed on the Amazon website. (Current pricing at the time of writing this article)

Amazon Cloud Drive Pricing

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  1. Another awesome giveaway. I was looking at these recently, I am sure it would get a lot of use around my house 😛

  2. I am following and have tweeted.

    The pricing for the Amazon cloud storage seems a bit hit to me. Maybe I am wrong, but $50 a year to hold 3.5 hours of HD video? Ouch.

    Maybe I am wrong, but that is just how it strikes me.

  3. The Amazon Kindle is the best ebook reader out there – by far! It’s so easy to carry around, and gentle on your eyes. And I’d love to finally have one!

  4. I am tempted to pick up this deal on Amazon but was sure I saw it was US residents only, will check again. I keep hoping Google will offer some cloud storage as well.

  5. I signed up and automatically got 5GB of storage for free. It is great.

  6. I use it to backup my school work. Works great big file size limits so I can just zip my files and upload it relatively easily. However I do like Drop Box’s integration with my file system better. I haven’t tried buying music from Amazon, last time I did I think it was only available in the USA.

  7. Perfect for reading on the beach

  8. My daughter has a generic ebook reader and she loves it. I would have to say it was the best Christmas gift we have ever bought her. She loves it so much she reads even more then she did before and brings it with her everywhere she goes. I have been hoping for a Kindle for awhile now. Adding books and magazines is easy and being able to keep all these books in my purse at once is a dream come true for a mom on the go. Not to mention all the free space in the house when you don’t have to store books all the time.

  9. Great giveaway. Have struggled with the “which reader to buy?” question for awhile. figured it may become the BETA > VHS battle all over – lol.

  10. I don’t twitter but wish I did, what a great give away!

  11. Kindles are nice to have.

  12. Kindles are great for students!

  13. It is great for a reader like me.

  14. New kindle is a lot better. They improved on the contrast.

  15. Tomikka Harrison

    I am a big reader, but i am always buying books and storing them after I am done or i pass them along to my friends. it would be nice to try a different method of reading my books.

  16. Ummm… I have a Canadian Amazon account and when I try and access the Cloud Player it tells me this:


    What’s the deal?

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