Tired of those loud TV Commercials?

A Surrey BC Conservative MP has introduced a bill to regulate the loudness on tv commercials.  Bill C-621 would request that the CRTC amend the current regulation  to limit the volume of television ads so that they are  quivalent to that of the other programs.  

 “Canadians are sick and tired of having to reach for the remote control every time a commercial comes on their TV,” said Mrs. Grewal. “It’s a common complaint: you‘re watching a program at a comfortable volume; the program breaks for a commercial and suddenly you’re jolted out of your seat by the loudness. While it may seem a small irritant, it’s a daily stress that could and should be relieved from the shoulders of Canadians.”

The  CRTC  is likely not too familiar with how today’s television sets function, so we’re not sure how this will pan out.  When asked about IPTV in recent committee meetings, they didnt quite seem to get it. Nor do they understand how the internet really does work.  Perhaps they still see us using the old school converter box to change the channels.

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  1. I`m fed up with the LOUD commercials. Volumes should not have to be corrected at every commercial break. I simply turn the volume to “mute“ and advertising companies should note that their intended targets are not listening to their LOUD commercials. I, then, DON`T buy the advertised product, and boycott them all. They do not deserve my business.

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