Tektok gets our Hands on a Dell Streak!


Dell Streak
Device Provided by mgauge.ca

Thanks to our good friends at mgauge.ca we were able to get a few early looks at the Dell Streak coming soon to Canada and the USA.  There are many people anxiously awaiting the release of the Dell Streak for good reason. The whopping screen size seperates this smartphone from any other on the market closely rivaled with the Apple iPad. TekTok got a chance to play with the unit and offer some pros and cons.

[easyreview title=”Dell Streak” cat1title=”Form Factor” cat1detail=”The unit is very nice to hold and fit into your hands in landscape view. The odd location of the proprietary charger would make the device next to impossible to use while charging. The Dell Streak would also be limited to a minority of people with large hands.  Why Dell didnt choose to use MicroUSB or even  a USB connector is confusing. Very few companies can pull this off, in fact I can think of only one at the moment.” cat1rating=”2″ cat2title=”TouchScreen” cat2detail=”The touch screen worked well but just did not come close to the quickness of the iPhone 4 or the iPad for our liking.” cat2rating=”3.5″ cat3title=”OS” cat3detail=”Well as we all know, this unit ships with a very outdated Android 1.6 software, so there is no question about the score. Obviously this will change when Android 2.1 is available.” cat3rating=”1.5″ summary=”While many anticipate the release of the Dell Streak, we just could not get over how BIG this unit is. There was a reason the iPad did not ship as a smartphone, and I think Dell has tried to fit a bit too much into this device. They are trying to bridge the gap between smartphone and tablet, however with a screensize of 5 inches, this is just too small for a tablet, and too big for a smartphone. For those with big hands, and a heart for Android, this may be for you, but only you.


More Images: Dell Streak vs Ipad

Dell Streak vs Ipad

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