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To say RIM has a lot riding on BlackBerry 6 is an understatement. With new kids on the block like Android and iOS stepping in with lustworthy apps and attractive UIs, the BlackBerrys have been sitting in a corner BBMing everyone else at the party trying to convince them of its sustained utility. Regardless, the latest tease on the BlackBerry Blogs shows off some of the “fresh, but familiar” elements that are getting polished in the jump from OS 5 to OS 6. While some features do have us intrigued — its implementation of universal search, for example — other headlining changes to the otherwise staid homescreen have us begging for more. New “views,” toggled from a space right under the notification bar, are essentially glorified folders, and the “quick access area” is much like the functionality offered by years-old “Today”-style themes for the handset. Don’t get us wrong, the refinements definitely help, but at the end of the day we just hope it isn’t RIM trying to put lipstick on a pig — guess we’ll find out when we get a commercial release to really bite into

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