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Sony to launch two Android Tablets – S1 and S2

Posted by Jamie Forestell Earlier this morning, Sony hosted a press conference in Tokyo and announced two new tablets are being released. The S1 and S2 tablets will both feature Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS. The S1 tablet is a 9.4 inch form factor and features a Tegra 2 SoC, front and rear facing  cameras, and will have integrated infrared, to also …

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Blackberry Playbook launch day sales may exceed 50,000

RIM Playbook

Posted by Jamie Forestell The Blackberry Playbook has been hyped since late 2010 and as of April 19, the tablet from RIM is finally here.  Reports indicate approximately 50,000 units were sold in retail locations as well as pre-order sales. While some negative reviews are coming in , it is important to remember there are no other tablets available yet that …

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Blackberry Playbook Hands On

April Header

Posted by Jamie Forestell Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Blackberry Playbook product launch held in New York City. The event was held at the 548 Centre, located in the heart of the Chelsea Arts District. The aroma from nearby restaurants was a great bonus as we were lined up to enter the event. Once we registered, …

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IPad 3…what’s the latest to come out of the rumour mill.

Posted by Donny Torrefranca Since the release of the iPad 2 back in March 11 in the US and March 25 in Canada, rumours already started swirling that the iPad 3 is not far behind. Some of these rumours include – a 7″ iPad – Retina Display – and a release in the Fall of 2011 Despite these rumours, BGR …

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Blackberry Playbook Event taking place April 14 in New York City [Giveaway]


Posted by Jamie Forestell We have received our invitation to the Blackberry Playbook event taking place in New York City on April 14. RIM will have the Playbook available for demo. The Playbook has been hyped up since September of 2010 and we look forward to finally getting a peek at the QNX based tablet. One of the most surprising …

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Google’s “Nexus” takes on the Tablet


Posted by Donny Torrefranca According to rumours, Google is in talks with Korea-based company, LG for it’s first hardware entry into the Tablet market. It was just a matter of time, and Google’s own ‘Nexus’ brand explores the Tablet world. As expected, Google once again hires the assistance of one of it’s outside manufacturer. The very first appearance was back …

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Blackberry Playbook pre-order available today for April 19 starting at $499

Posted by Jamie Forestell The Blackberry Playbook is now available for pre-order. Yes, you heard correct. Today! It has been a long wait but in less then one month, the most anticipated tablet of the year will be on the market. The Playbook will be available at a number of retailers including Futureshop and Best Buy. You may find the …

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Motorola Xoom now available for pre-order at Futureshop


Futureshop has revealed a Motorola Xoom WiFi model pre-order page and has the dual core tablet coming April 8 at a price of $599.99. The much anticipated tablet boasts a dual core processor and a whopping 1GB of RAM. The Motorola Xoom also features Android Honeycomb 3.0 and comes with 32GB of internal memory. The MOTOROLA XOOM is tablet computing like …

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iPad 2 problems being reported already

iPad 2 Screen

If you drove to the USA and waited in a long lineup to get your iPad 2, you would expect that there would be no problems. Apple, who is known to have such good quality control seems to be slipping. Well it seems there are 1600 people (at the time of this article) reporting screen bleeding and quite a few …

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Pre-Order the Blackberry Playbook Tomorrow: Sears Canada

Blackberry Playbook Preorder

Posted by Jamie Forestell It would appear Sears Canada affiliates have the opportunity to pre-order the Blackberry Playbook starting tomorrow. We have reached out to confirm the full details, but please note the spelling mistake made (realeasing). The Blackberry Playbook is rumored to be launching on April 10, so this could very well be valid. And as we all know, the iPad …

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