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Netflix Canada still lacking content [Netflix vs Blockbuster]

Netflix vs Blockbuster, by Jamie Forestell In September of 2010, Netflix launched their digital streaming service in Canada. While this was a big step forward, I am still asking myself if $7.99 per month is justified. With the thought of $7.99 being roughly the cost of one movie at Blockbuster or Rogers Video, it would seem like a great idea. …

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Netflix releases Canadian Top ISP Performance Charts


Netflix has posted a chart showing the performance of the top Canadian Internet Service Providers. The chart is exactly how I would have imagined and doesnt really offer any surprises.  Shaw provides both 50MB and 100MB packages, Rogers provide up to 50MB,  while Bell and Telus top out  at 25MB.  This chart shows exactly those results. While having higher speed internet …

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Boxee Box firmware update still has no Netflix.

Boxee by D-Link shipped back in November claiming Netflix support. Here we are in January, 3 firmware updates later, and still no netflix support. Another partner, Vudu, was also promised and users in the USA can finally have Vudu with the latest firmware. Yes, Canadians, yet another site that is blocking us. Despite the Dlink Canadian site, showing Vudu in the …

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Netflix Canada in a Nutshell

Well we have been anxious for years to get a taste of Netflix, and we finally got a chance to try it last week. Netflix now offers a Canadian subscription for a great price of $7.99 per month in Canadian Dollars. They are also offering a one month free trial period.  Our thoughts? [easyreview title=”Netflix Canada” cat1title=”Price” cat1detail=”At $7.99, this …

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