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Adobe announces Adobe Photoshop Touch for Apple iPad 2

Adobe has launched Photoshop Touch for the Apple iPad 2. Unfortunately original iPad owners are out of luck as the minimum requirements are iOS 5.o+ and an iPad 2. Timing seems to be right on track with the iPad 3 announcement coming March 7. This may be one application that will for sure take advantage of the rumoured quad core …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 TekTok Review

Posted by Donny Torrefranca Ever since the  Motorola Xoom was released and hearing wind of an inevitable Galaxy Tab 10.1, there was no question in my mind…the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was to be my first Android-powered tablet, and my replacement for my iPad 2.  I previously posted the ‘Not your ordinary guide to buying your new tablet’  which was basically my opinion on how …

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Not-your-ordinary guide to buying your new Tablet.

Posted by Donny Torrefranca Caught between the decision of buying an iPad 2, a Galaxy tab 10.1, or even a Motorola Xoom? With the vast ‘side-by-side’ comparisons or battles between these great tablets, it seems like the dust is only getting thicker after the scuffle. Both devices pack awesome specs and can outdo each other in one way or another.  …

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Facebook for iPad finally coming

Facebook for iPad

Posted by Jamie Forestell If you can recall the official iPad announcement, Steve Jobs confirmed that several big apps have already been developed to include native iPad support. And for any iPhone apps not yet designed for iPad, they would all still work, and work well. For anyone that has used Facebook for iPhone on their iPad or iPad 2, …

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What needs to change with iOS 5

Posted by Jamie Forestell Later today Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will kick off and will run until June 10. During this time, we expect quite a few announcements regarding the future of iOS and Mac OSX. The live event begins at 1:00PM ET and no live stream has been announced yet. There are several things that still bug …

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IPad 3…what’s the latest to come out of the rumour mill.

Posted by Donny Torrefranca Since the release of the iPad 2 back in March 11 in the US and March 25 in Canada, rumours already started swirling that the iPad 3 is not far behind. Some of these rumours include – a 7″ iPad – Retina Display – and a release in the Fall of 2011 Despite these rumours, BGR …

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Apple iPad 2 online orders begin shipping to Canada

iPad 2 in Canada

Posted by Jamie Forestell As the iPad 2 launched in Canada on March 25, online orders placed that day were delayed anywhere from 2  to 6 weeks. The first batch of shipments have left Apple as of April 8, and are expected to arrive on April 12. Customers who did not want to wait hours (or in some cases days), …

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Apple files patent for “Smart Bezel”, designed to change the way we interact with Touch devices

Posted by Donny Torrefranca According to Patently Apple, Apple is planning on changing the way we interact with our touchscreen smartphones and iDevices. If these patents are true and that they do make it to the next generation of iDevices, it is certain to change everything all over again. This design is geared towards the bezel around the display screen …

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iPad 2 Review

Posted by Jamie Forestell & Donny Torrefranca It has been nearly a week that we have each been playing with the iPad 2. Each of us having a different experience. For myself I have upgraded from the iPad 1 to the iPad 2, and for Donny, well hes a first timer. The iPad 2 is thinner, lighter, faster, comes in …

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iPad 2 has arrived in Canada [Live Feed]

ipad 2

Posted by Jamie Forestell As of 4:00 AM EDT, apple.ca is now open for business and you can purchase your iPad 2 online if you are looking to avoid long lineups at the local retail store. We have one of our very own in a line up right now at the Square One location. He is currently sitting as #11 …

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