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Fortnite game addiction cited as cause for divorce

In some shocking news, an addiction to the blockbuster game Fortnite, along with other games has been cited as the main reason for divorce in nearly 200 cases reported since the beginning of 2018. I don’t particularly know too many grown men playing Fortnite, but I do know the effect it has on children that game on Xbox, PS4, and …

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When there’s a Tornado but you’re in the middle of a game of Fortnite

As a tornado swept through Greensboro North Carolina this past Sunday, one teen admitted that he was in the middle of an intense Fornite battle royale and wanted to try and finish as he was in the top as Anton Williams describes the powerful twister. “I was sitting at home and I was playing Fortnite, and all of sudden, I …

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Reddit Meetup as Fortnite Players try to destroy Tilted Towers ahead of Scheduled Destruction

Last night a Reddit user organized a “Wake Ceremony” meetup in an attempt to destroy Tilted Towers before Epic Games does in the hottest game Fortnite. Today, at 6:00 PM EST we will all queue up at the same time into solos, and land at Tilted Towers to honor it’s greatness by destroying every single structure in the city. Every …

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