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Dead Rising 3 Review


What is it about zombie movies and games that make them so appealing these days? For me, I like the lawlessness of it all. It’s all about survival, and blowing things up carte blanche. But before movies like Zombieland and popular tv shows like The Walking Dead, one game studio saw the writing on the wall. Back in 2006 Capcom …

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Mygica ATV1200 Review


For those that have not yet heard of the Mygica ATV1200, you are in for a treat. Today we finally got the chance to document our experience with the media streaming box over the last month. What is the Mygica ATV1200 you ask? Mygica has produced several media streaming boxes but up to this point, the ATV1200 is the most …

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Pass it or Trash it: BikeConsole’s smartphone bike mount


As you may have noticed by now, I have a passion for running and cycling. This past summer, I got back into building and customizing road bikes and decided to modifying my own bike as well. I noticed that one of the first additions that cyclists request is to add a cycling computer on their bikes to track cadence, distance …

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