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Thieves Trick Keyless Technology and Steal Mercedes

relay crime

Police in the UK have issued a warning about keyless technology used in vehicles equipped with fob technology after a Mercedes was broken into and stolen in under a minute using relay boxes. A video was obtained from nearby surveillance showing the criminals pull up to the victims house, and then approaching the house with a relay box tricking the …

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2012 Canadian International Auto Show Live Coverage

We will be live at the 2012 Canadian International Auto Show, also known as #CIAS12 on twitter. If you would like to see a specific car we can give you a sneak peek before the show opens to the public. All you need to do is ask your question via our twitter account @autotok and be sure to include the …

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Affinity Car Rentals offers Exotic Car Rentals

Ever dreamed of driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari or  Porsche 911 Turbo? Now is your chance. I just noticed this teambuy and it expires today so you need to move fast if you want to take advantage of this deal. One of our partners, Affinity Car Rentals is offering a 30 minute test drive or a full day rental in the car …

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New Lamborghini to be revealed on March 1st


New Lamborghini to be revealed on March 1st, by Doug Muir The Lamborghini Murcielago car fanatics have grown to know and love is no more. On March 1st at the Geneva International Autoshow, debuting as a 2011 model will be its replacement, an insane 690 bhp, 6.5 litre V12,  beast rumored to be called the “Aventador”. Shown here in lovely …

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Countdown to 2011 Canadian International Auto Show

In just under 3 weeks time, some of the world’s finest automobiles will be here in Toronto, Ontario for CIAS11. Such cars as the 2012 Acura TL, Lamborghini, Lotus, Ferrari/Maserati and HTT Plethora, plus the brands of Grand Touring Automobiles including Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce. This year, the CIAS have also teamed up with Sony to bring you …

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