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Tek Tok Canada Product Giveaway

March Madness

We have teamed up with several great companies to bring you our Tek Tok Canada Product Giveaway*.  Stay tuned for full details and more great giveaways. This promotion has been sponsored by CPI Computers & Bell Canada. Be sure to visit their banner to the right for a special deal! Products to giveaway include Amazon Kindle provided by Amazon – …

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Lenovo LePad: 7-inch Android tablet coming later this year

Lenovo LePad

Posted by Jamie Forestell Lenovo appears to have an Android based 7″ tablet on the way which we can expect in Q4 of this year called the Le Pad. The leaked powerpoint does not offer much in terms of details, but what it does show is that the 7″ tablet will feature a Dual Core ARM processor and ship with a …

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Andre’s iOS App of the Week: TweetBot

Posted by Andre Levesque My current favourite Twitter client, TweetBot has just pushed an update. It’s just a bug fix update but the good stuff is soon to come. What makes TweetBot better than the average Twitter client is its polished look and slick interface. Plus, with the promise of landscape and native push just around the corner, I can …

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Rogers to bring Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Xperia Arc on April 28

Posted by Jamie Forestell Well the folks at mobilesyrup have some internally leaked screenies indicating the newest Android devices from Sony Ericsson will be landing in Canada on April 28. The prices indicate the phones will sell for $99.99 on a 3 year contract. No contract pricing is $549.99. The Xperia Play will also ship with several games including Fifa …

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Blackberry Playbook launch day sales may exceed 50,000

RIM Playbook

Posted by Jamie Forestell The Blackberry Playbook has been hyped since late 2010 and as of April 19, the tablet from RIM is finally here.  Reports indicate approximately 50,000 units were sold in retail locations as well as pre-order sales. While some negative reviews are coming in , it is important to remember there are no other tablets available yet that …

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Blackberry Playbook and Blackberry Bridge feature

Posted by Donny Torrefranca Today is the much anticipated public release of the Blackberry Playbook.  And as we were told during our coverage of the media event in NYC on April 14th, the Blackberry Bridge was also enabled in the AppWorld. Today I’ve had the opportunity to examine the Blackberry Bridge connectivity with my Bold 9000 running OS

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Blackberry Playbook Hands On

April Header

Posted by Jamie Forestell Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Blackberry Playbook product launch held in New York City. The event was held at the 548 Centre, located in the heart of the Chelsea Arts District. The aroma from nearby restaurants was a great bonus as we were lined up to enter the event. Once we registered, …

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White iPhone 4 confirmed to arrive before the summer

Posted by Donny Torrefranca According to Bloomberg reports, the white iPhone 4 is coming soon and should be here before the end of Spring. It has yet to be verified what really caused the delay of its release, but as Bloomberg indicated, AT&T and Verizon will have it available at the end of April. We’re hoping Canada will not be …

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Blackberry Playbook Media Event: Initial Thoughts


Posted by Donny Torrefranca After having our first crack at the upcoming Blackberry Playbook from RIM due on April 19th, here is our initial impressions. The Playbook’s 7″ style is a nice touch and definitely puts the Galaxy Tab to the test. The screen is very clear and crisp and it runs smooth. With it’s dual-core processor as opposed to …

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IPad 3…what’s the latest to come out of the rumour mill.

Posted by Donny Torrefranca Since the release of the iPad 2 back in March 11 in the US and March 25 in Canada, rumours already started swirling that the iPad 3 is not far behind. Some of these rumours include – a 7″ iPad – Retina Display – and a release in the Fall of 2011 Despite these rumours, BGR …

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Vulnerability exploit found in latest version of Flash 10.2 affecting multiple platforms

Posted by Donny Torrefranca A ‘zero-day’ exploit has been found within the latest version of Adobe’s Flash 10.2 that is affecting platforms across the board such as Mac, Linux, Android, Windows, etc… With this exploit, a malicious hacker can potentially access and gain control of unsuspecting machines. It can still be prevented however as the malicious code cannot be executed …

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RIM introduces BlackBerry Trade-up Program in Canada


Posted by Jamie Forestell Earlier today, RIM introduced a Trade Up program in Canada for anyone looking to upgrade to a new Blackberry smartphone.  For a limited time, you can upgrade for up to $120 off of a newer Blackberry smartphone.   This is great news for anyone looking to upgrade their older devices prior to the Playbook launch coming next …

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Slingmedia announced launch of Slingbox in India [Giveaway]


Posted by Jamie Forestell Slingmedia announced the availability of the Emmy award winning Slingbox in India today.  Now, I get asked this question a lot when I mention slingbox: sling what? There are many people that may not be up to speed, but let me explain a bit further and you will be lining up at your local retailer moments later, I …

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Another AppStore in the works, this time for The next-gen Windows platform

It looks like Apple has another one to ward off for the “AppStore” name apart from the recent Amazon naming decision. According to the screenshot below, Windows might be joining that wagon either with it’s next generation Windows platform (Win 8) or as a new feature of Win 7. Chinese website CNBeta leaked the following screenshots.

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