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RIM continues to BE BOLD with BlackBerry Scavenger Hunt in Toronto

bb scav

If you happen to be downtown Toronto this week, you may notice very subtly placed BlackBerry posters indicating “BlackBerry Benefits are just around the corner”. This peaked our interest of course so we followed the signs and found a map as well showing 5 locations that will be setup during the week of June 11 through June 15. We were going …

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Unlimited Race Pass at Grand Prix Kartways


If you act quick, you can snag an unlimited race pass at Grand Prix Kartways indoor electric go kart track now for $29! This is normally priced at $62. And these are not your every day go-kart. The go karts have been engineered by Ferrari and speed limited to 35km/h. As these are electric you do not have the good …

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Apple Store is down once again for updates


Well it is that time once again that Apple takes the Apple Store offline to perform system updates. The store will most likely be down for a majority of the day until the keynote has been delivered. Apple will be holding thier annual developer conference starting today running through until June 15 in sunny San Francisco.  Apple is expected to …

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Sponsored Video – FCU investigates James Franco Pregnancy Rumor


In this latest installment of the Fact Checkers Unit (FCU), they investigate rumors that Pineapple Express star James Franco is pregnant. In the episode, Dylan (played by Brian Sacca) and Russell (played by Peter Karinen) are FCU agents on assignment to confirm James Franco (played by himself) really is pregnant based on a snapshot taken from the subway and posted to …

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Canada Copyright Board is killing the music


Don McLean wrote a song back in 1971 titled American Pie which was inspired by the death of Buddy Holly and with the message “The day the music died”. Well the time has come again and unfortunately the victim is Canada. The Canada Copyright Board has announced the most ludicrous tarriff for music at live events including weddings, conventions, karaoke bars, …

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Toronto Honda Indy Construction Begins

  The 2012 Toronto Honda Indy is not until July 8 but efforts are now underway in preparation for the big weekend. The Indy weekend is being held July 6 through July 8 in the Exhibition Place area. “It takes six weeks to put this track in and the circuit is the same track since 1986, which is a testament …

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GM set to close Impala and Equinox Plant in Oshawa


According to, General Motors is set to announce the closure of the Impala and Equinox assembly plant Friday. The closure will affect nearly 2000 jobs and will likely close in May of 2013 as a full 12 months notice is required in an agreement with GM and local 222 of the Canadian Auto Workers union. Chris Buckley, president of …

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Toronto Honda Indy construction begins

Honda Indy Toronto (on white)-795707

The 2012 Toronto Honda Indy is not until July 8 but efforts are now underway in preparation for the big weekend. The Indy weekend is being held July 6 through July 8 in the Exhibition Place area. “It takes six weeks to put this track in and the circuit is the same track since 1986, which is a testament to …

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Nest Learning Thermostat begins shipping to Canada


Earlier this year we reached out to Nest, makers of a very innovative Learning thermostat, to enquire about the availability in Canada and sadly we were advised their efforts were focused solely in the USA.  Today we have confirmed Nest will be shipping to Canada and couldn’t be more excited. The Nest learning thermostat has won 15 awards in the …

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SpaceX delivers Dragon to Orbit

Space X

Earlier this morning, SpaceX, a privately funded company, launched the unmanned Falcon 9 rocket into orbit today in Cape Canaveral. The rocket delivered the Dragon capsule carrying 1200 pounds of supplies scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station on Friday after several days of testing. SpaceX, formerly known as Space Exploration Technologies Corporation was founded in 2002 and employs …

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CIBC, Rogers partner to launch Digital Wallet


CIBC is Canada’s first bank to announce a Digital Wallet solution partnering with Rogers Canada. This system will allow CIBC customers who also subscribe to Rogers smartphones to pay at NFC-ready retail outlets (i.e. MasterCard’s PayPass) using their mobile phone as opposed to using traditional Mastercard, Visa, Debit cards, or cash. “Beginning later this year, customers will be able to use this …

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Rogers HTC One X Reviewed – Blockbuster or Bust


The HTC One X has finally landed on North American shores after making its initial debut in Europe. While the European counterpart boasts quad-core processor and double the storage size (32GB as opposed to 16GB), the North American version makes up for it with blazing LTE network compatibility. For full specification details, head on over to for both the …

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Konami announces Pro Evolution Soccer 2013


Today Konami announced Pro Evolution Soccer 2013: A Whole New Ball Game will be launching in Fall 2012 for just about every console you can imagine.. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PlayStation2, PSP (PlayStation Portable), Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii. “We’re excited to take Pro Evolution Soccer back to its roots, which is all about freedom and control.” said Tomoyuki …

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Sony announces Skype for Playstation Vita


Earlier today Sony announced Skype will be available on the Playstation Vita and Vita owners couldn’t be more excited. According to Monique Brenes, the Senior Director at Skype, the Vita app includes free Skype-to-Skype voice calling, as well as high-quality video calling that utilizes PS Vita’s front and rear cameras. The Skype app on PS Vita runs in “background mode” while …

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Introducing Cubik & Musik by Palo Alto Audio Design


  Apple is well known for their style and unique form factors. Today a company known as Palo Alto Audio Design introduces two new products that will compliment that Apple desktop or notebook.   The Cubik line claims to offer full lossless digital audio and to produce deeper bass from a small enclosure, Palo Alto Audio Design was assisted by …

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