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Mygica ATV1200 Review


For those that have not yet heard of the Mygica ATV1200, you are in for a treat. Today we finally got the chance to document our experience with the media streaming box over the last month. What is the Mygica ATV1200 you ask? Mygica has produced several media streaming boxes but up to this point, the ATV1200 is the most …

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Is it time to stop paying for Cable TV?

Cable Guy

I recall when I was young, my parents paid about $45 monthly for Cable TV services and at that time we may have had about 82 channels in standard definition. Technology has evolved so quickly that nearly every home now has at least one HDTV television. The issue today is that HDTV comes with a cost. A cost that begins …

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Boxee LiveTV Dongle now shipping

Boxee Live TV

Boxee has launched the Boxee Live TV dongle and started shipping the device on Tuesday. The Live TV dongle will allow for ATSC over the air channels through the Boxee Box by simply connecting the tuner into one of the available USB ports on the Boxee Box. Now for those of you that do not know what over the air …

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Slingmedia announced launch of Slingbox in India [Giveaway]


Posted by Jamie Forestell Slingmedia announced the availability of the Emmy award winning Slingbox in India today.  Now, I get asked this question a lot when I mention slingbox: sling what? There are many people that may not be up to speed, but let me explain a bit further and you will be lining up at your local retailer moments later, I …

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Netflix has finally arrived on Boxee Box

Boxee Box

Boxee Box has been promising North America the ability to stream Netflix on the new set top media streamer by D-Link. We just got word today that the latest update now available does in fact have Netflix.  The single biggest complaint about the Boxee Box, released in September of 2010, was that Netflix was supposed to be available on launch …

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XBMC version 2.0 released for Apple TV and iOS devices

The team over at XBMC have been hard at work since the launch of XBMC for iOS devices such as Apple TV2, and the iphone/ipad.  While the application  plays many types of video/audio files, it was obvious that this is a work in progress. So let’s take a look at the progress we get from version 2 of XBMC. Changelog: GUI …

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Netflix Canada still lacking content [Netflix vs Blockbuster]

Netflix vs Blockbuster, by Jamie Forestell In September of 2010, Netflix launched their digital streaming service in Canada. While this was a big step forward, I am still asking myself if $7.99 per month is justified. With the thought of $7.99 being roughly the cost of one movie at Blockbuster or Rogers Video, it would seem like a great idea. …

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How to access Vudu and Pandora on Boxee Box in Canada

BoxeeBox is a great media streaming device which allows both access to your own files, and also to streaming content from the internet. Vudu was just added to the Boxee with the newest firmware update, and is available only to the USA. Pandora is another application which offers music streaming to the USA only. If you are interested in accessing …

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Boxee Box firmware update still has no Netflix.

Boxee by D-Link shipped back in November claiming Netflix support. Here we are in January, 3 firmware updates later, and still no netflix support. Another partner, Vudu, was also promised and users in the USA can finally have Vudu with the latest firmware. Yes, Canadians, yet another site that is blocking us. Despite the Dlink Canadian site, showing Vudu in the …

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XBMC for iOS AppleTV (ATV2) [Quick Look]

So we were able to get our Apple TV jailbroken to 4.2.1 (4.1.1) and install XBMC, so here in a nutshell is our findings. 720P/1080P .mkv playback worked with the odd freeze, but definitely exciting to try this out.  It found no problem accessing our SMB shares. And no iTunes! XMBC does a great job handling the scrapers which identify …

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