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Emimem Fires Back at MGK with Killshot

Eminem fires back in response to Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” diss last week with a track titled Killshot. Out of nowhere Marshall Mathers posted a link to his twitter just hours ago and he’s winning the internet today. If you haven’t heard it yet, what are you waiting for. The track starts out claiming Eminem  left hickeys on Rihanna’s neck …

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Hurricane Florence Live Streams

If you are interested in tracking Hurricane Florence, there are several live video streams set up. We have been checking out the frying pan camera live view from Outer Banks and its been picking up over the last few days.   Here are a few others as well: Live Outer Banks, NC – Webcam from Twiddy & Company Realtor Live …

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Toni Cornell shares duet recorded with late father Chris Cornell

Toni Cornell, the daughter of the late Chris Cornell has shared a duet on Fathers Day, that was recorded just months before his death on social media.  The duet is a cover of Prince’s song Nothing Compares 2 U that was also performed by Sinead O’Connor. Cornell’s widow Vicky added on twitter: “I’m so proud of my baby girl for …

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Rick Mercer’s Latest Rant – Remembering Gord Downie

When you wake up this morning, let this be the first thing you watch and enjoy learning a bit more about Gord Downie and the type of person he was. Rick Mercer, another Canadian treasure shares a story about a song titled “The Dire Wolf” off their eighth full length album In Violet Light, released in 2002. The music video for …

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The Tragically Hip Music Sales Jump 1,000%

Fans of The Tragically Hip have been mourning the loss of Gord Downie this past week and digital streams and music sales have spiked more than 1000%. Eleven albums by the famous Canadian band climbed onto the Billboard Canadian Albums chart and Gord Downie’s album Secret Path also re-entered the charts. The most popular album was The Hip’s greatest hits compilation Yer …

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Eminem draws line in the sand for Trump supporters

Eminem is back! And he has some strong lyrics aimed at the POTUS during the BET Hip Hop Awards tonight. Eminem raps about immigration, corruption, white supremacy, NFL, gun control, his twitter tirades and more. Its the calm before the storm right here Run the faucet / Im’a dunk a bunch of Trump supporters underwater / Snuck up on ’em with ray …

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Barack Obama Singing Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson (ft. Bruno Mars)

If you thought it wasn’t possible for Barack Obama and Bruno Mars to collaborate on a youtube viral video, you are correct. But this is the closest you will get and its done well. Enjoy the dub version of Uptown Funk featuring Obama. Download article as PDF

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Dumb and Dumber 2 Official Trailer

The long awaited movie and movie trailer is finally here.  And we like what we see…except the last scene.. Universal Pictures announced Dumb & Dumber To will hit theatres November 14, 2014 and of course will star Jim Carrey, and Jeff Daniels.  The film also features Rachel Melvin, Kathleen Turner, Brady Bluhm, Laurie Holden, and Steve Tom and promises not to …

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Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel form 2 Man Doo-Wop Song with an iPad


Almost every day Jimmy Fallon who took over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno is taking over Youtube with nearly almost every video published going viral. Today we bring you a great musical number that you will most likely watch more then once. The entire performance was put together with an iOS app called “Loopy” and similar to Youtube, the …

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Shark Tank Releases Out for a Rip Official Video


We came across a video on Youtube that will no doubt be going viral in Canada and just had to share it. There is not a lot to say about this video other then most of us can relate and I think I just went back in time to high school in the 90’s.  Shark Tank Rap is the name …

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