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IPad 3…what’s the latest to come out of the rumour mill.

Posted by Donny Torrefranca


Since the release of the iPad 2 back in March 11 in the US and March 25 in Canada, rumours already started swirling that the iPad 3 is not far behind.

Some of these rumours include
– a 7″ iPad
– Retina Display
– and a release in the Fall of 2011

Despite these rumours, BGR recently reported that we can at least put 2 of the above 3 mentioned rumours to rest.
Digitimes indicated that according to upstream component makers, the idea of having the iPad 3 released in 2011 is more a ‘wishful thinking’ than anything.

…the new rumored device should be an upgrade version of iPad 2 or an iPad 2 version that supports different communication format. Since Apple just released its iPad 2 in early March and is ready to start mass shipping, launching the iPad 3 would simply bite off share from its iPad 2.

We can’t help but agree, it just wouldn’t make sense from a business perspective.

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