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XBMC version 2.0 released for Apple TV and iOS devices

The team over at XBMC have been hard at work since the launch of XBMC for iOS devices such as Apple TV2, and the iphone/ipad.  While the application  plays many types of video/audio files, it was obvious that this is a work in progress. So let’s take a look at the progress we get from version 2 of XBMC.


  • GUI speedup
  • Webserver enabled
  • RTMP support
  • AC3/DTS Audio Dialogs
  • Rotating for the iPhone and iPad
  • Black and Dim screensavers working
  • Bluetooth Support
  • SMB shares with Windows Live Essentials should work.
  • Sleep timer works
  • Add-on updates now working
  • Decrypted ISO playback works
  • Thumbnail creation fixed

While 1080P video files do play, the Apple TV is not capable of playing 1080P at this time. It is not known whether this is a hardware or software limitation but the folks at XBMC are hard at work. Stay tuned for more details, and also for an upcoming review of ATV Flash (black) by FireCore.

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