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Apple to launch new Macbooks featuring Thunderbolt port


Apple is expected to release their new lineup of Macbook Pro notebooks tomorrow.  According to Mac4Ever it would appear that they will indeed feature Intel’s Light Peak technology, which has been named ‘Thunderbolt’.  Quite a few leaked photos are coming out ahead of the February 24 launch. If you look at the photos, you can get an idea of what the Light Peak port will look like.

Image Credit: fscklog.com

You will notice the port appears to be the same as the Mini Display Port.

Image Credit: Macrumors.com

And here you can see the Thunderbolt & Mini Display Port appear to be listed together.   We have reached out to Intel for more information and will keep you posted!

UPDATE: 9to5Mac has obtained some high resolution images.  See below.



UPDATE 2: After studying the Thunderbolt branding closely, it occured to me the symbol looks awfully similar to that on my camera flash, and also many consumer point and shoot cameras. Is this not the universal symbol for Flash or No Flash with a slight 10 degree angle and a bit skinnier? Hrmm…

Flash On
Flash On
Flash Off
Flash Off

And as shown above… Thunderbolt!


Source:  [Mac4Ever], [fscklog], [Macrumors], [9to5Mac]

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