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iPhone 4: Naked in Canada

iPhone 4

The 6 month anniversary of iPhone 4 is just around the corner and I want to take a quick minute to talk about protection: for your iDevice.

Before the iPhone 4 was launched in Canada, I was prepared to protect this newfangled device as though I was kid proofing my home. I had recently dropped my iPhone 3G down the commode early one morning in a near zombie-like state. I was left standing mouth agape in complete horror as my life as I knew it had changed. I spent months waiting for iPhone 4’s launch with anticipation and fear, anticipating all of the new features and fearing that I wouldn’t be able to protect it.

I decided that I would spare no expense and outfit it in full body protection from Wrapsol followed by a hard shell Speck case. I had a new responsibility and it couldn’t be taken lightly!
Unfortunately, the screen protector ended up being a nightmare to put on and then the Speck case began to fray and look shoddy. After all of the research and debate, I was back at square one.

Onto round 2: Upgrading to a Case-Mate Vroom. It’s easy to remove when you need to and the tire tread look gives it a solid grip. Still, it isn’t the ideal solution as it feels a bit flimsy but it’s my go-to case. Would I ever feel comfortable?


After much debate, I’ve actually ended up using my iPhone 4 without any sort of protection. Going naked, device-wise, has been a very liberating experience for me. Holding it during game play just feels more natural and less cumbersome without a case. I guess that using my iPhone the way it was designed to be used isn’t all that bad after all. I just need a little more faith in myself and keep it away from all flowing and flushing water.

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